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Your generation had it all and left nothing for us

Here’s the text from a recent Tweet I saw online… “Churchill did win the war. He didn’t make any sacrifice. Your generation had everything handed to you on a plate and you’ve completely fucked it for everyone else.” Do all young people feel this way? Is there any truth to this argument? The fact is… Read More »

The reason wages are stagnant

Back in the 50’s, my Dad worked as a mechanic on the large cotton mill engines. He told me that in a time of “full employment”, if he wanted a wage rise he would just ask the boss. If the boss was not inclined to comply, he was quite prepared to leave as he could… Read More »

What makes a country great?

If you’re in your mid thirties and have a steady job and kids, you probably don’t have too much time to think about life in general. There tends to be a focus on the here and now; but what about the future? If you’re too busy to sit and think for a while, here’s a… Read More »

Carillion and the case for nationalisation

Nationalisation has become a dirty word. A very dirty word. Ever since Margaret Thatcher began her quest in the 80’s to privatise anything and everything that was nationalised, the cry has been that the free market will take care of us all. But will it? Has privatisation worked like a dream? Can all our problems… Read More »

The argument for no deal

Theresa May’s mantra was “no deal is better than a bad deal”, yet she allowed the EU to dictate terms prior to talks beginning on trade. The EU demanded that the rights of EU citizens were addressed with the European Court of Justice having jurisdiction in our sovereign nation after we have left in March… Read More »

To show immigration is working, restore the state pension age to 60 for women

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it? Click this link to sign the petition: The British Government has consistently stated that immigration is necessary to maintain NIC at a level sufficient to pay state pensions. The free movement of people within the EU Single Market has led to over 3 million immigrants settling… Read More »

How much does a 20 year old need to earn?

In order to secure a pension of £20,000 on retirement at 60, a 20 year old would need to pay £573 per month into a private pension scheme. Renting a property will cost around £400 per month (based on rents in North West UK, MUCH more in the south). To save 20% deposit for a… Read More »

WANTED: qualified immigrants with needed skills

The fact is, there aren’t enough workers in UK to pay for state pensions. This from a paper published in 2003, which predicted we would need a half million immigrant workers per year to cope with the “Baby Boomers” crisis we’re seeing today. The report did NOT recommend the free for all that Blair’s government… Read More »

The state says “You’re on your own”

Having planned to retire at 60 on a modest state pension, many women today face another six or even seven years of work. The government have stated that they don’t know how the country will fund pensions for future retirees. If you’re in your thirties, you really need to start thinking about how you will… Read More »