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The EU has called the UK to heel

“We will come to heel in the end, probably quite quickly, because it is very important to avoid the cliff edge next year. We will not avoid it, but we will postpone it.”  Lord Kerr, who as a diplomat designed article 50. The transitional arrangement deal demanded by the EU is a document designed to bring… Read More »

Vote UKIP at the May elections

The only way to show the UK government that we are not willing to accept their stupid “implementation” period, is to vote UKIP at the May elections. If we can get Farage back, the all the better. Voting UKIP will send a clear message to those who think that another two, or three, or five… Read More »

Will there be a Tory leadership contest?

Thursday 25th January 2018 was the day the Brexiters in the Conservative Party started to make their voice heard. The previous day, Jacob Rees-Mogg had questioned Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis about the transition arrangement being proposed by the UK Government. It became clear that the Government were close to agreeing… Read More »

Debate in Parliament on 22nd January

Dear Ian Bullough, Parliament is going to debate the petition you signed – “Leave the EU immediately”. The debate is scheduled for 22 January 2018. Once the debate has happened, we’ll email you a video and transcript. Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament