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Your generation had it all and left nothing for us

Here’s the text from a recent Tweet I saw online… “Churchill did win the war. He didn’t make any sacrifice. Your generation had everything handed to you on a plate and you’ve completely fucked it for everyone else.” Do all young people feel this way? Is there any truth to this argument? The fact is… Read More »

Brexit and the NHS

Theresa May famously said “no deal is better than a bad deal”. But if we agree to a Norway style “transition” period, then that will be the worst possible deal for this country. I think this is exactly the plan. Two years of “transition” paying £10 billion (plus) a year to the EU. Free Movement… Read More »

What makes a country great?

If you’re in your mid thirties and have a steady job and kids, you probably don’t have too much time to think about life in general. There tends to be a focus on the here and now; but what about the future? If you’re too busy to sit and think for a while, here’s a… Read More »