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Remaining just isn’t an option anymore

European Union divisions over migration were brutally laid bare today after the EU’s top court ruled that member states would be forced to accept thousands of asylum seekers under a compulsory quota system. “Politics has raped European law and values,” Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister, told a news conference. “The Hungarian government considers today’s decision… Read More »

Brexit will not happen

David Davis’ speech in Teesport on 26th January 2018 was proof, if any were needed, that Brexit is simply not going to happen. The UK Government has decided not to extend the Treaties by appeal to paragraph 3 of Article 50 which states… 3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question… Read More »

Brexit is taking too long

Theresa May has taken far too long over Brexit. The referendum was very clear. The UK must leave The Customs Union, The Single Market and The European Court of Justice should have no jurisdiction in Britain. The CIVITAS report “Mitigating the impact of tariffs on UK-EU trade” shows that the UK would raise around £12… Read More »

The “Transition” must be stopped

Brussels, 20.12.2017 COM(2017) 830 final. This document states clearly that during any transitional period, the UK will have to abide by all the laws of the EU, including new laws implemented during the transition period. They also infer that the rules stipulated in the transition period will be implemented in the final agreement, or, in… Read More »

The reason wages are stagnant

Back in the 50’s, my Dad worked as a mechanic on the large cotton mill engines. He told me that in a time of “full employment”, if he wanted a wage rise he would just ask the boss. If the boss was not inclined to comply, he was quite prepared to leave as he could… Read More »

The threat from automation

If you’ve been to a large (or even small) supermarket recently, you may have noticed a number of automated self check-outs in operation. You may even have used one. The fact is these self service check-outs have been growing in number for a couple of years now and the trend is for more, not less.… Read More »

The argument for no deal

Theresa May’s mantra was “no deal is better than a bad deal”, yet she allowed the EU to dictate terms prior to talks beginning on trade. The EU demanded that the rights of EU citizens were addressed with the European Court of Justice having jurisdiction in our sovereign nation after we have left in March… Read More »