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The price of food post Brexit

The price of food has risen significantly since the referendum vote to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016. Data from the Office of National Statistics shows that food prices for the month of December, 2017 were 4.2% higher than the previous year. Among the sharpest price increases was an 8.5% rise in the price of… Read More »

SPD and CDU to hold coalition talks

At a meeting in Bonn today the SPD (Social Democrats) have voted in favour of coalition talks with Angela Merkel’s CDU. If the talks prove fruitful, all 440,000 members of the SPD will be asked, via a postal ballot, to approve the deal. If approved, Angela Merkel will resume her position as Chancellor of a coalition… Read More »

Trading with the EU

Now that the UK has decided to leave the EU, British businesses will have to pay tariffs to export their goods to member country’s of the EU. The tariff charges are designed to protect the interests of EU member states. For example, Dairy Products would attract a tariff of 54%, Clothing 11%, Beverages and Tobacco… Read More »

Give us our fish back!

It’s a pretty crazy situation that most of the fish eaten in UK is imported from EU countries. The same countries that catch fish in our waters. Two thirds of the fish landed in Boulogne, that’s 35,000 tonnes by the way, is caught in UK waters. The EU quotas imposed on fishermen mean that tons of… Read More »

Single Market = Free Movement of People

If we stay in the EU Single Market then we have to accept uncontrolled immigration. The Economic Impact of Immigration published by The House of Lords in 2008 (ten years ago!) reached a number of conclusions… Immigration has become highly significant to the UK economy: immigrants comprise 12% of the total workforce—and a much higher… Read More »

Do we really want to be a state in the USE?

The EU elites reaction to BREXIT has been to call for more “integration”. They want a federal european system subjugating member countries to states of the union. All countries will use the Euro, there will be no exceptions. The remainers in the UK appear to want a second referendum with a view to staying in… Read More »

Transition to Freedom

The UK Government has requested a two year transition period from the EU. This means that the UK will effectively remain in the EU for a further two years after March 2019. The UK will have to abide by all EU rules, regulations and laws. They will be able to negotiate trade deals but will… Read More »

It’s obvious to anyone that the EU don’t play fair

I find it absolutely unbelievable that my government actually allowed the EU to dictate that trade talks could only begin once Citizens Rights, The Irish Border and the “divorce bill” had been settled. Firstly, the Irish border. When we leave the EU there will be a hard border with Ireland. That is EU policy. The… Read More »