The EU has called the UK to heel

By | 31st January 2018

“We will come to heel in the end, probably quite quickly, because it is very important to avoid the cliff edge next year. We will not avoid it, but we will postpone it.”  Lord Kerr, who as a diplomat designed article 50.

The transitional arrangement deal demanded by the EU is a document designed to bring the wayward UK to heel. Nothing more, nothing less. The alternative is mayhem at the ports caused by the EU’s adherence to the letter of the law when dealing with “third” countries. David Cameron found out the hard way that there is no dealing with the EU. The pre-conditions set by the EU before trade talks began, were simply a ploy to get the UK to agree to paying vast sums into the EU coffers to keep the doomed project going for another few years. The Ireland border which was a major sticking point has NOT been solved, yet, once the UK had agreed to pay up, the problem of the Ireland border was no longer an issue for the greedy EU elite. The Republic of Ireland were used, then tossed away. Take note Leo Varadkar.

The EU federalist project trumps all. Businesses throughout Europe stand to lose billions of Euro’s if the UK go to WTO rules, yet the transitional arrangement deal offered to the UK, to take, or to leave, takes everything, and gives nothing. David Davis has stated that the UK needs an implementation period to negotiate trade deals and put in place structures to deal with international trade, yet the transitional arrangements do not allow the UK to implement trade deals without the permission of the EU Council. Existing rules, regulations and laws cannot be changed by altering one comma. David Davis has stated that we need the implementation period in order to retain access to the international trade deals negotiated by the EU, yet, on 29th January 2018, Michel Barnier stated “As part of the transition, the U.K. will remain bound from the obligations stemming from all existing EU international agreements, for instance for trade and aviation”,  at the same time, he could not guarantee that the U.K. wouldn’t lose the benefits of them. The EU’s transitional arrangements require us to sign up to honour our obligations under existing international trade agreements, yet, it is unlikely that the countries involved in those trade deals will honour their obligations to the UK after March 2019 when we cease to be a member state. That one demand alone is enough to dismiss the offer, yet not one Government Minister has raised an objection in public.

The transitional arrangements will require the UK to accept the authority of the ECJ in matters pertaining to EU citizens. The ECJ will be a higher authority than the UK Supreme Court in those matters. UK citizens living in the EU though will NOT be able to appeal to the ECJ as final arbiter, as the UK will not be a member nation. We will not have a judge in the ECJ to represent this country either. Yet another demand made by the EU is that the UK will have no representation within the EU structures. To rub salt into the wounds and humiliate this country even further, the EU “may” allow the UK to sit in on the decision making process when those decisions affect this country, but only to “observe”. New rules, regulations, and laws passed by the EU during the transitional arrangements period will have to be implemented fully by the UK. What if those rules, regulations or laws are detrimental to this country? Er, David Davis assures us that the average rule, regulation or law takes around two years to get through the system, so “not to worry”.

A further demand of the transitional arrangements being offered is that we will also have to accept the four freedoms of The Single Market, one of which is the Freedom of Movement of People. I am sure David Davis doubts that many EU migrants will take advantage of this. Maybe 10 or 20 families Mr Davis?

The EU are being very upfront with the UK in these “negotiations”, they have warned of sectarian war throughout the island of Ireland should we not find a solution to their hard border. They have threatened massive queues at border points due to the need to check imports arriving from the UK (a third country from April 2019), they claim this will cripple our supply chains and ruin our businesses. Can we really trust the EU? What if we signed up to the transitional arrangements in March 2018 and in April 2019 we find that many countries in the world are not willing to honour the EU trade deals when applied to the non-member UK? Those countries could, if they wished, simply reject our exports or slap tariffs on them. How can we possibly contemplate signing an agreement that has no guarantees? Would you sign a loan agreement that legally obliges you to pay £250 a month over five years, but does not guarantee you will even receive your loan? What if Spain threatened to deport UK citizens currently living in Spain? What if Spain repossessed property belonging to those citizens? UK citizens would have no right of appeal to the ECJ after March 2019 due to the UK not being a member of the EU. I am sure you can think of many more, much better, examples than mine, that show why the transitional arrangements are not good for this country.

This “deal” will cost the UK at least £10 billion a year for “free” trade. It is not a “deal”. It is quite simply a “call to heel”.

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