Why aren’t the UK Government negotiating trade deals?

By | 29th January 2018

It’s pretty obvious now that the UK Government has no intention of leaving the EU with a “hard” Brexit. Theresa May went to the polls with the message that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, but the reality is that the speech she gave in Florence was a complete U turn on that pledge. The current UK Government do not have the heart to negotiate a good deal with the EU. They have already agreed to pay around £40 billion to the EU when the country is clearly broke (we do have a £1.8 trillion National Debt you know). They seem ready now to sign up to an “implementation” period for what could be five years at a cost of at least £10 billion a year. Leaving the EU would save £20 billion a year and would allow us to control immigration with a points based system.

If the UK Government had been serious about leaving the EU, they could have been negotiating trade deals for the last 18 months. They could have prepared deals ready for signing on 29th March 2019. Instead, they have focused solely on their relationship with the EU to the detriment of all else. President Trump has stated on several occasions that the USA is ready to trade with the UK. When are those negotiations going to start? Instead, we have David Davis asking the EU’s permission if it would be OK for this country to negotiate trade deals during the “implementation” period. It is in the UK national interest to negotiate trade deals as quickly as possible. If we have to break EU rules then so be it. We need a Government that looks after the interest of it’s citizens and respects democracy.

The Conservative Party have surely lost my vote and I’m an average bloke. There has to be millions like me. We will see in the May elections exactly how this Government’s position sits with the people who voted to leave. I believe the Conservatives will be wiped out. They certainly will not win the next General Election.

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