Vote UKIP at the May elections

By | 29th January 2018

The only way to show the UK government that we are not willing to accept their stupid “implementation” period, is to vote UKIP at the May elections. If we can get Farage back, the all the better. Voting UKIP will send a clear message to those who think that another two, or three, or five years of Free Movement of People, of accepting EU laws (old and new ones), of not being able to negotiate (and sign) trade deals, of accepting ECJ jurisdiction throughout our sovereign territory without representation is a good deal.

It’s a bad deal. Theresa May stated that “no deal is better than a bad deal”. She does not have the backbone to stand behind that statement and she must go. Voting UKIP in May will send a clear message and put the Conservative Party on notice that they will be utterly wiped out at the next General Election. Does Theresa May think being out of power for the next ten years is a good deal for the Conservative Party?

Vote UKIP in May and we’ll find out.

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