Does Theresa May think being out of power for the next ten years is a good deal for the Conservative Party?

By | 29th January 2018

Theresa May is the biggest threat to the survival of The Conservative Party for years. Do they not recall being kept out of power by the Blair Government? For hundreds of years, there has bee a “first past the post” voting system. The IN/OUT referendum in June 2016 provided a win for the people who voted to leave. It is for the UK Government to carry out the will of the people. The “implementation” period for 2, or 3, or 5 years will allow Free Movement of People, ECJ jurisdiction throughout our sovereign country (with no representation), we will NOT be allowed to sign trade deals, we will have no representation (no MEP’s, no court to appeal to), we will have to implement new EU law and abidde by existing EU law, and we will not be able to change a single word of the current EU regulations.

How does Theresa May expect 17 million voters to react? They will simply not vote Conservative. Every single Conservative MP will need to be looking towards a new career. It is not that long to a General Election, and the May elections will be a disaster for The Conservative Party. I have never seen a more shambolic Conservative Party in Government. All the effort by The Conservative Party to get back into power after the long period of Labour Government has been simply thrown away. Why aren’t the Conservative Government negotiating trade deals today? If they had got on with it, they could have had several trade deals in the pipeline to be signed in April 2019.

The first woman Prime Minister this country had is a contender for one of the strongest leaders we’ve had. The second woman Prime Minister is easily the weakest leader we’ve ever had. Vote UKIP in May.

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