Shouting “RACIST” isn’t going to win an argument

By | 28th January 2018

The referendum held on Thursday 23rd June 2016 resulted in a vote to leave the European Union. Turnout was 71.8% and the vote was close, with 51.9% voting to leave and 48.1% voting to remain. The referendum, in my opinion was the consequence of a total failure by the European Union to engage with the people of the UK. Uncontrolled immigration from East European countries played a large part in the vote. People who had never voted for any political party came out in their droves to cast their vote. They were motivated due to being disturbed at the influx of immigrants into their communities. There are many reports that show mass, uncontrolled immigration had no effect on the local economies where the migrants settled. Wages were not affected, school places were not under pressure from more demand, the NHS and local GP’s simply absorbed the many more users of the services on offer. Housing? Don’t you know that there’s a massive surplus of housing in the private sector, that’s why rents have remained stable over the past five years (sarcasm by the way). In my opinion, the evidence shows clearly that immigration was a big issue in the referendum vote. Frau Merkel’s invitation to settle one million refugees a year into Germany didn’t help either, the fact that she then tried to palm those refugees onto the rest of the EU showed the true nature of the “democratic” EU. To people who voted to remain in the European Union, this shows that people who voted to leave are simply racist. And not only racist, they are thick racists.

How do you change someone’s mind by insulting them? How does that work? Anyone who states that the Brexiters are racist (or Xenophobic as they seem to prefer) is the thick one. As soon as the race card is played, that is the time to disengage. It is a fact that the people who win elections are called “floating voters”. People who have not decided who to vote for yet. One word politics isn’t going change the minds of these people. The need to be persuaded that your argument is the best. That is precisely why David Cameron sent his “brochure” to every household in the UK. He, and his Chancellor George Osborne argued vociferously for people to vote remain. They lost the argument. They lost the referendum. They lost their careers.

Political discussion is only worth your time if its purpose is to change minds through informed argument. No-one knows everything and everyone has something to learn. The next time someone calls you a racist or xenophobic, you need to disengage immediately. These people are not worth your time, they have lost the argument. They have no place in political discussion.

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