Remaining just isn’t an option anymore

By | 28th January 2018

European Union divisions over migration were brutally laid bare today after the EU’s top court ruled that member states would be forced to accept thousands of asylum seekers under a compulsory quota system. “Politics has raped European law and values,” Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister, told a news conference. “The Hungarian government considers today’s decision by the European court to be appalling and irresponsible.”

Migrant refugees are being forced onto EU member states against the will of the electorates in those countries. How is that democracy?

When the UK voted to leave the EU in June 2016, when German elections were held in September 2017, the outcomes of these votes showed clearly that people were dis-satisfied with the way the EU project was progressing. It is 28th January 2018 and there is still no government in Germany. At the heart of these votes lies the EU’s attitude to immigration. The Free Movement of People allows anyone in the EU to move to, and work in, any member country of the EU. If a Greek can’t find work at home, he, or she, is perfectly entitles to move to another country in the EU where there is work. The acceptance of millions of refugees into the EU is simply a betrayal of the millions of EU citizens who want to find work. In Greece, unemployment is 20.6%, in Spain 16%, Italy 11.1%, Croatia 10%, France 9.4%. Why isn’t the EU doing a LOT more to make it easy for people in Greece to move to Germany? Why invite one million refugees a year when there are millions of unemployed in EU member states?

The EU’s response to people in EU countries who disagree with centralised power devoid of democratic checks and balances, is to make plans for more of the same. The Lisbon Treaty was a significant step on the road to a United Sates of Europe. The EU elite are calling for more integration while the people are demonstrably opposed to such a plan. The UK could not influence the EU’s inexorable movement towards a United States of Europe. If the UK don’t leave the EU in June 2019 then they will be forced to accept federalism and the Euro. There will of course be no rebate on our return if that is what is proposed in the future.

The UK, if it is democratic, should leave the EU in June 2019. If that happens, I don’t think we’ll be the last to go.

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