Your generation had it all and left nothing for us

By | 24th January 2018

Here’s the text from a recent Tweet I saw online…

“Churchill did win the war. He didn’t make any sacrifice. Your generation had everything handed to you on a plate and you’ve completely fucked it for everyone else.”

Do all young people feel this way? Is there any truth to this argument?

The fact is that after the war, Churchill was voted out of office by an electorate that felt he was not sympathetic to the changes they demanded. They were promised free healthcare and better pension provision by the Labour Party which swept to power. The NHS and state pensions were funded though National Insurance Contributions. In the 50’s there were fourteen workers to every one person who benefitted from the new socialised care system. It worked very well. The Government raked in the contributions which were passed directly to the NHS and pensioners.

It was the start of a system of Government that today is on it’s last legs. Along the way, Margaret Thatcher supported this system by spending the revenues from North Sea Oil and Natural Gas. John Major introduced Private Finance Initiatives which allowed Government spending to remain “off the books”. Gordon Brown raided private pensions, introduced tax credits and allowed the banks free reign to inflate the housing market by offering deposit free mortgages and easy re-mortgage deals (some banks even paid you to take out a mortgage). Tony Blair introduced Student Loans, which injected new money into the economy via the banking system (the taxpayer will probably end up paying the majority of these loans back if the experience in the USA is anything to go by). He also allowed net immigration to rise to over 3 million, to pay for pensions and the NHS (that worked out well). And so to George Osborne who allowed those over 55 to raid their private pension pots to “invest” in themselves (this ain’t going to end well, believe me).

Every dammed trick in the book has been used since the 50’s to increase GDP and inflate the economy to make this country look good. The result has been a record deficit of £145 billion in 2009, now down to a “mere” £54 billion. The National Debt stands at £1.8 trillion with yearly interest payments of £40 billion. State pension ages have been raised to 67 (with further rises to come) and the NHS is struggling to keep going due to severe under funding. The roads and infrastructure are shambolic. Schools are struggling to provide places. The young can’t afford to buy homes. In other words, we’re broke.

The young and the old in this country had better get a grip on their politicians before it’s too late. The present Government are well along the road of privatising the state pension and the NHS. Leaving the EU on 29th March 2019 will mean more power for your MP to hold the Government to account. Free Movement of People will cease and we can introduce a points based immigration system. We’ll be £20 billion a year better off.

Write to your MP today!

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