Brexit is taking too long

By | 24th January 2018

Theresa May has taken far too long over Brexit. The referendum was very clear. The UK must leave The Customs Union, The Single Market and The European Court of Justice should have no jurisdiction in Britain. The CIVITAS report “Mitigating the impact of tariffs on UK-EU trade” shows that the UK would raise around £12 billion pounds in tariffs which could be used to offset around £5 billion of tariffs that UK exporters would suffer. That’s a net gain of £7 billion pounds a year. If the UK left the EU on 29th march 2019 without the ridiculous “transition” period, the country would have an extra £13 billion to spend any way it chose (the forecast for EU spending on UK is around £4.5 billion, but has been discounted here). The capital raised from tariffs plus the amount we wouldn’t pay into the EU would therefore be £20 billion a year.

If we left the EU on March 29th 2019, we would be able to negotiate and SIGN our own trade deals. We would be able to close our borders to Free Movement of People and introduce a points based immigration system. We would be able to secure our fishing grounds and direct government money to build our fishing fleet (fishing could be a £6 billion a year industry instead of the shambles it is now). A hard Brexit has been portrayed as an absolute disaster for this country, when, in fact, it presents a golden opportunity to re-boot our failing economic system by throwing out ludicrously outdated regulations that severely restrict our ability to compete in the world market.

Please show your disdain for a Norway style transition period, which will see us pay £10 billion plus a year to trade “freely” with the EU. Write to your MP today.

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