Monthly Archives: January 2018

The EU has called the UK to heel

“We will come to heel in the end, probably quite quickly, because it is very important to avoid the cliff edge next year. We will not avoid it, but we will postpone it.”  Lord Kerr, who as a diplomat designed article 50. The transitional arrangement deal demanded by the EU is a document designed to bring… Read More »

The Conservatives are a threat to the United Kingdom

On 20th December 2017, the EU published it’s proposed negotiating guidelines for the transition period and the so called deal that the UK wanted post Brexit (Brussels, 20.12.2017, COM(2017) 830 final, ANNEX 1. On 29th January 2018, the EU Council took 2 minutes to agree the terms, outlined in that document, that would be presented… Read More »

Vote UKIP at the May elections

The only way to show the UK government that we are not willing to accept their stupid “implementation” period, is to vote UKIP at the May elections. If we can get Farage back, the all the better. Voting UKIP will send a clear message to those who think that another two, or three, or five… Read More »

The Irish border is the EU’s problem

The EU showed that it wasn’t willing to negotiate in good faith when it used the Irish border as a pre-condition to be solved before trade talks began. At that point, if the UK Government had a backbone, it would have walked away. When the UK Leaves the EU, the EU will have to erect… Read More »

Remaining just isn’t an option anymore

European Union divisions over migration were brutally laid bare today after the EU’s top court ruled that member states would be forced to accept thousands of asylum seekers under a compulsory quota system. “Politics has raped European law and values,” Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister, told a news conference. “The Hungarian government considers today’s decision… Read More »

Brexit will not happen

David Davis’ speech in Teesport on 26th January 2018 was proof, if any were needed, that Brexit is simply not going to happen. The UK Government has decided not to extend the Treaties by appeal to paragraph 3 of Article 50 which states… 3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question… Read More »

Will there be a Tory leadership contest?

Thursday 25th January 2018 was the day the Brexiters in the Conservative Party started to make their voice heard. The previous day, Jacob Rees-Mogg had questioned Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis about the transition arrangement being proposed by the UK Government. It became clear that the Government were close to agreeing… Read More »